Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PIT

Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PIT

  • By Jonathan A
  • Top Airports
  • 15.08.2016

Pittsburgh International Airport, in short PIT, is a facility you might love spending some hours in when you travel to Pittsburgh. The airport offers a solid base for international but also non stop flights, with more than 150 flights taking off daily. The airport received over 8 million visitors over the past year, and things do not seem to slow down anytime soon.

PIT offers flights to 37 locations, including international ones to Paris. Travelers can also choose from the 100 available connections to various European destinations, which makes the airport a great option for traveling abroad. Pittsburgh International Airport is well known for its top service and recognized as one of the most modern facilities. The airport stays true to its roots and ensures each passenger benefits from a great traveling experience. When it comes to customer satisfaction PIT has made the list of several traveling publications.

The airport is focused on building a bridge for the country's commerce. The popular airport is quite easy to reach, regardless of your main location. More than half of US' population can get here within 90 minutes or less, which makes it a good suggestion for travelers from any state.

The airport's terminal encompasses 3 different buildings, and passengers can move from one to another easily. The commuting can be done by bus or other transportation means that offer non stop services. This makes things easy and convenient for anyone who needs to reach the parking lot. PIT was designed as to fit the requirements of the most picky travelers and ensure an easy commuting regardless of the destination. The personnel is fast to respond to any requests, and can help you with the issues you might have.

Nowadays, Pittsburgh International Airport continues to be an example for other airports all over the world. The facility keeps improving, with new routes being planned and built on a constant basis.