Lambert–St. Louis International Airport St. Louis, Missouri STL

Lambert–St. Louis International Airport St. Louis, Missouri STL

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Read on for some info on Lambert–St. Louis International Airport, located in St. Louis.

One of the best things about the airport is the parking lot. The personnel was committed to bringing a unique parking experience to each and every traveler by building a superpark. The superpark offers low daily rates that start with $5, and a reward program is also provided. If you want to get a good deal on parking, check out the daily offers.

If you need ground transportation, the airport provides shuttle bus services. The buses leave every 15 minutes, so you will not need to wait a long time for one to show up. The shuttle service is available every day starting with 6 am and up until 10 pm. If you go to Terminal 2, you get the option of renting a car for your stay into town. Other transportation options include the light rail services as well as taxi rides.

Waiting for a flight can become stressful, so why not go for some shopping and food before? Head over to Terminal 1 for a cup of fresh Starbucks coffee and a doughnut. If you love pastries and sweet treats don't forget to check out Brioche Doree and Dunkin' Donuts. Terminal 2 features another wide area of restaurants, including California Pizza Kitchen and Auntie Anne's Pretzels. If you just feel like having a burger, perhaps Burger King is your best bet. The airport does not disappoint when it comes to shopping choices either. The terminals features stores like St. Louis Sports where you can buy apparel from. Most of the shops are open everyday from 6 am and until late in the evening. You can also stay connected to your friends by using the airport's wireless Internet service.

All in all, Lambert–St. Louis International Airport makes for a convenient facility whenever you visit St Louis.