Dallas Love Field Dallas, Texas DAL

Dallas Love Field Dallas, Texas DAL

  • By Jonathan A
  • Top Airports
  • 15.08.2016

Dallas Love Field is one of the most unique and modern airports in the US. The facility receives millions of travelers every year, so read on for more info. This will make your next trip to Dallas that much more enjoyable.

If you need to take a trip to Texas, you should know that Dallas Love Field is located only 7 miles away from the city's downtown. This makes things easy if you made a hotel reservation and need to be in the city fast. Along with that, you will be able to locate many reputable hotels a short distance away. The airport offers many transportation services, including car rentals and taxis. If your rented a car and need a spot, the airport offers a parking lot.

The airport is convenient and modern, and was built keeping efficiency in mind. If you travel with your pet, you are in luck because the facility does not forbid animals. However, every pet should have its own carrier and will undergo security checks. Furthermore, Dallas Love Field features a cool Pet Park where your pet can play and rest.

Many passengers travel with kids, and they can benefit from a restroom as well as a nursing room. This will enable you to get some rest and maybe do some shopping while your kids are well taken care of. This airport features many things to do while you wait for a flight. You should consider going shopping for a gift, magazines or books at the duty free shop. You can also buy fragrances, sunglasses and of course, Dallas related souvenirs.

If you want to relax and have a glass of wine before or after your flight, go to the lounge for a while. The lounge also features free Wi-Fi connectivity, if you want to catch up with your online activities.