Denver International Airport Denver, Colorado DEN

Denver International Airport Denver, Colorado DEN

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

The Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado identified by IATA by the DEN short code. This airport opened in 1995 when it replaced Stapleton International Airport. The International Airport in Denver is the largest in the United States when taking into consideration the land surface it occupies: 53 sq mi. Additionally the longest runway in USA with a public use, is located here as well: this is the Runway 16R/34L measuring 16,000 feet in length.

This airport is used as main hub by both Great Lakes Airlines and Frontier Airlines, but it also serves as hub for United. Southwest and Spirit airlines use Denver International Airport as a focus point. Many travelers can see that Denver International Airport is one that is fast growing as it recently added 60 new destinations, thus servicing more people.

Environment is important, and airplanes are not the exactly eco-friendly. However, the officials at Denver International Airport tried to do something about it and as a result, they implemented an ISO certified management system dealing with the environment aspect of running the airport. Denver International Airport uses the ISO 14001 standard all throughout the airport and is the only one in United States to do so.

Everyone wants to see something impressive, and some airports are more appealing aesthetically than others. The Jeppesen Terminal was designed to resemble mountains peaks covered in snow, while also reminding people of the Native American teepees that used to be seen in the area a long time ago. Passengers should take the time, if possible, to walk across the bridge between the terminal and the Concourse A. The spectacular view will include airplanes taxiing below, the Rocky Mountains in the West and the high plains on the other side. Travelers will also notice various art exhibits throughout the airport: DEN saves some of its revenue specifically for this purpose.