Logan International Airport Boston, Massachusetts BOS

Logan International Airport Boston, Massachusetts BOS

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Boston, Massachusetts has several airports and they are generally referred to as Boston Airport. Without a IATA code many people would be confused regarding their destination. There are many people out there who think that knowing a few more things about the place they’re going to. Let’s find out some interesting facts about BOS, Logan International Airport in Boston!

Currently, BOS holds the title as New England’s largest airport: it covers an area equal to 965 ha, on which 6 runways have been build. There are approximately 16 thousand people working here, and in 2014 no less than 31.6 million persons passed through General Edward Lawrence Logan Airport. This airport also has a building most locals, but not only, easily recognize as it is a well known landmark: the central control tower. This tower has a pair of elliptical pylons connected by a platform that is 6 stories tall.

Boston connects travelers to most major airports across USA and not only. Passengers can also hop on flights to various locations throughout North and Latin America, Europe and even various exotic places. Speaking of points of arrival, travelers can fly to cities like Rome in Italy, New York, Halifax in Canada, and Hong Kong. Out of all the possible destinations, passengers flew to London the most - 868 thousand people went there in 2014. Paris, France was the 2nd most demanded route, but only 321 thousand passengers flew there in the same year. Domestically, the most demanded city and airport was Chicago and O’Hare, respectively, as almost 900,000 got on a plane with this flight course.

There are times when travelers are forced to spent the night in the airport, but sleeping on a chair is really uncomfortable. Renting a room at a hotel can make the situation less tense, and those finding themselves in this position can try out either Hilton or Hyatt hotel, both located near Terminal A.