Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

The cities of Newark and Elizabeth in New Jersey have one thing in common: Newark Liberty International Airport. This airport basically straddles their municipal boundary. Additionally, there are 15 miles between the airport and Midtown Manhattan in New York City. This position can only have one impact on the airport: it is used by countless passengers to come in and out New York City, if they want to avoid JFK for whatever reason.

In 2013, EWR counted most flights, when compared to the other airports in the area. There are 50 airlines using this airport, and it is a major hub for United Airlines, and for cargo airlines Kalitta Air and FedEx Express. In 2014, 68% of all passengers used Newark Liberty International Airport to board on an United airplane.

The airport has a long history as it opened at the end of 1928 and for a while it was the major airport of New York City. Up until 1939, this was the world’s busiest airport: that year it was dethroned by LaGuardia airport. Everyone passing through this airport should make the time and go see the airport’s administration building. Dating back to 1934, the building is designed in the specific Art Deco style, it was decorated with many Arshile Gorky murals and serves as a museum.

Another interesting fact is that Newark Liberty International Airport bears its current name only since after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The word Liberty was added to commemorate the victims and the Statue of Liberty found just 7 miles away from the airport. Passengers who need to spent the night in the airport during transit, can do so more comfortably by renting a room at the hotel, as a Marriott Hotel is located right on airport property. Reaching it is possible only by shuttle vans.