Charlotte Douglas International Airport Charlotte, North Carolina CLT

Charlotte Douglas International Airport Charlotte, North Carolina CLT

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Perhaps the City of Charlotte, North Carolina is not the most popular destination out there, but it owns an international airport, and it is the nation’s 3rd fastest growing city. Let’s find out more about Charlotte Douglas International Airport of Charlotte, North Carolina. The first thing one might want to know is its IATA code - CLT. Charlotte Douglas International Airport is different than many other airports because it serves both civilian and military flights.

The airport was established as early as 1938 and currently it serves as American Airlines’ second main hub. The airline operating most flights here is American Eagle. In 2008, the flights departing from Charlotte Douglas International Airport took passengers to a total of 178 destinations. Due to the city’s growth, the airport’s influx of passengers also increased so much, that in 2010 it got ranked as the 6th in the world by traffic movements. Some of the international destinations are: Toronto, Paris on the Charles de Gaulle airport, Munich in Germany, and Cancun. Most passengers seem to fly to Atlanta, Georgia the most, out of all destinations.

Perhaps not everyone is interested in seeing airplanes taking off or landing, however those who like it can do so here. The Overlook offers one of the best views to these moments. The Overlook offers a view of the 18C/36C runway. If seeing landing airplanes is not your thing, or you want to see something more than that, go visit the Aviation Museum. The museum opened only in 1992 and has 50 aircrafts and more than 9,000 books on aviation.

Those who do not want to fly into a busy airport like Charlotte Douglas International Airport, they can choose one of these airports: Concord Regional, Charlotte-Monroe Executive or Rock Hill Municipal. Citizens wondering how to reach Charlotte Douglas International Airport should know they can ride a taxi, the Sprinter Enhanced Bus Service, or by renting a car.