George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas IAH

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas IAH

  • By Jonathan A
  • Top Airports
  • 15.08.2016

Houston, Texas is in the top 5 most populous cities across USA. Its airport is lies to the north of the city, some 23 miles away from Downtown Houston. Since the city is so big, there are many people transiting the airport as well: in 2011 alone, over 40 million people passed through it. Just 5 years before, George Bush Intercontinental Airport was named the fastest growing across the nation.

IAH, as it is referred to by IATA, was supposed to open in 1967, but managed to do so only in 1969 when it started receiving the flights previously serviced by William P. Hobby Airport. The George Bush  name was adopted only in 1997, while before that it was named Houston Intercontinental Airport. This airport uses currently 5 terminals and most of them underwent renovations. These renovations were meant to improve operations and to make the airport look modern. Terminals A and B were the original ones with which George Bush International Airport started operations.

United Airlines and United Express offer the most flights, both permanent and seasonal. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is used by United Airlines as a main hub therefore the large number of destinations shouldn’t surprise anyone. Atlas Air also uses this airport as one of its main hubs. Some of the international flights include Istanbul in Turkey, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, more specifically Dubai.

In 2014, more than 700 thousand passengers wanted to travel to Mexico City, in Mexico, making this city the airport’s top destination of the year. Domestically, nearly 800 thousand people needed to fly to Los Angeles.

Chances are that many passengers fly in George Bush Intercontinental Airport to catch another flight to their final destination point. If their flight takes off at a different terminal, they have the possibility of riding TerminaLink train. This option saves them the hassle of having to go through security again.