Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Many people have a hard time passing through the airports when flying, especially because not all of them are organized the same. Learning a little bit about an airport before getting there is something everyone should do.

For instance, the international airport at Minneapolis–Saint Paul has two terminals: Lindbergh and Humphrey. These two terminals have 2 different access routes and this can pose big problems for those who don’t know it, as they can get into the wrong one and miss their flight. Terminal 1 Lindbergh is accessed from Glumack Drive in St. Paul, while Terminal 2 Humphrey from Humphrey Drive in Minneapolis. For passengers that need to go from one terminal to the other, the Light Rail Transit (shortly LRT) offers free rides every 10 minutes in peak hours. The Metro Blue line also offers free transfers from one terminal to the other.

Terminal 1 has 114 gates while Terminal 2 has only 10 gates. Humphrey terminal is expected to open 3 more gateways in 2016. These new gates are specially designed for 4 jetways.

Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection are the carriers with most destinations in their portfolio. Sun Country Airlines is another carrier with several destinations, but is seems that most of them are seasonal. Sun Country also operates various charter flights for Apple Vacations and Funjet Vacations. Additionally, there is another airline operating charter flights for Total Rewards Air, and that is Republic Airlines.

While using this airport in 2014, most passengers bought tickets for Amsterdam in Netherlands and used Delta to fly there. The number of people reaching this destination was 445,000 that year. While flying domestically, American Airlines, Delta, United and Spirit carried together almost 1 million people to Chicago O’Hare, from October 2014 till September the following year. The number of passengers departing was greater than of those landing.