LaGuardia Airport New York, New York LGA

LaGuardia Airport New York, New York LGA

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

American Airlines and Delta Airline turned LaGuardia into an important hub for their operations. The LaGuardia Airport is located in Queens, and has a waterfront. Given its position in US and in the City of New York, LaGuardia sees an immense number of passengers. In 2011 alone, their numbered almost reached 27 million. By land-size however, it is not all that impressive: it covers 680 acres, and this aspect has a big impact on how long the runways are.

Some airports have more terminals than others. LaGuardia currently uses 4 terminals. Travelers can transfer from one to the other with the help of buses and pathways. Some of the terminals are under the management of the various airlines. Many terminals in US have something to make them stand out. LaGuardia’s Terminal A used to have a huge mural called Flight, but it was later covered in wall paint because the artist was thought to be a Communist. Recently, the airport revealed it had planned to restore this mural.

Travelers can enjoy a complimentary 30 minutes of free internet access through WiFi connection. This option is available in all terminals. Terminals A, B, C, and D, seem to have many things to offer to those staying past the security gates. They have access to a food court, various shops, and even shoeshine services.

Much like most other airports throughout the nation, LaGuardia changed its name several times during its history. Its current name honors New York’s mayor in office at the time the airport was build.

It rarely happens for a person to mistake the airport they’re supposed to be at. However if you reached LaGuardia, but you had to be in JFK, then search for the closest express bus station as one of them will take you there directly for sure.