Raleigh–Durham International Airport Wake County

Raleigh–Durham International Airport Wake County

  • By Jonathan A
  • Top Airports
  • 15.08.2016

If you fly to North Carolina, you will probably get to see the Raleigh–Durham International Airport. Read on for some interesting facts about this airport.

The facility is conveniently located a short drive away from some main cities of the state, like Raleigh and Durham. The 5,000 acres property is a popular departure and arrival spot for domestic but also international flights. More than 350 flights take off daily, and the airport services 8 airlines. The international flights include European destinations, this making things easy for travelers who have a vacation here. Overall, almost 10 million passengers visited the Raleigh–Durham International Airport during the past year, and the numbers keep on increasing.

About half of the travelers flying into this facility come to Wake County for business, while the other half are vacationing here. The region makes for an interesting touristic attraction, and this is supported by its nice climate and varied activities. The airport offers a large parking spot for any traveler drives their own vehicle or rented one. Furthermore, you can always rent a car directly from the airport upon arrival. The parking lot includes more than 11000 spots, and provides affordable hourly rates.

If you don't know how to get to the city, the facility puts different transportation methods at your disposal. For example, you can rent a luxury car or simply take advantage of the shuttle bus. Maybe you want to shop around a little while waiting for your flight, and the airport encompasses numerous bookstores and accessory shops. Here you can buy a book to read during a long flight, or purchase a souvenir which will remind you of your vacation. Raleigh–Durham International Airport also offers free Internet connectivity, and restaurants to have a meal at whenever you get hungry. The restaurants make things easier for the passengers as you can ask for your food to be packed before your flight.