Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport Lauderdale, Florida Fort FLL

Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport Lauderdale, Florida Fort FLL

  • By Jonathan A
  • Top Airports
  • 15.08.2016

FLL was established at the end of the 1920s decade. This airport was expanded by the US Navy during the World War II with the addition of 3 runways and a control tower. The first scheduled airline service was introduced by Mackey Airlines in 1958.

The airport currently has 4 terminals and all of them offer food courts and various gift shops before and after the security checkpoints. Those passing through this airport will find diverse ways of staying entertained, especially since local artists were allowed to perform within the terminals. The artists can do through the FLL Terminal Tunes and there is a specific schedule they set up. The airport’s website presents this schedule for those who are curious to find out more.

The 4th terminal is supposed to be demolished and then reconstructed. The new terminal will have 4 new gates and will be connected to Terminal 3 through a secure walkway. However, these plans will only take place after runway 10R/28L gets extended. The expansion of this runway will allow 2 airplanes to land at the same time, one next to the other. Additionally, larger jets will also be able to use this airport at the end of the project.

Depending on where you want to fly to, chances are that Spirit, Southwest, or JetBlue Airlines, will be able to take you there. These carriers have the portfolio with most destinations, though several other airline companies land and depart from here as well. JetBlue Airways is the only carrier offering a charter route to Havana.

Combined, Delta, Southwest, and Spirit airlines, took almost 1.2 million people to Atlanta, Georgia in 2015, making this city top destination from FLL. Compared to the first year when the airport started offering its services, this number sounds astronomical. The first year of operations the needs of a total of 41,335 people.