Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta, Georgia ATL

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta, Georgia ATL

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Most people know close to nothing about airports, and the recent years, due to increased security measures, most don’t even want to know a thing about these places. However, if you’re curious about learning a few facts about the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta, Georgia ATL, then read on!

The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia is a public airport and serves as a main hub for Delta Airlines. This airport is rather close to the business district of the City of Atlanta, lying just 7 miles to the south. ATL also reaches the city limits of College Park in Georgia, and Hapeville, still in Georgia.

Before turning into a busy airport, the land was known as The Atlanta Speedway, and served as a racetrack. The former owner of the land was Coca-Cola. When it was decided that this field would become an airfield its name changed to Candler Field. The first landing here took place in 1926 and the plane was carrying the mail, and was coming from Jacksonville in Florida.

The Since 1998, this is the world’s busiest airport when taking into consideration the number of passengers passing through it every year. What many don’t know is that it is due to the city’s location that this is a busy airport: it has been so since the beginning. Since it’s so busy, Americans like to joke by saying that the souls of the dead will use ATL airport to connect to their ride to Heaven or Hell.

The airport is easily reached by car as there are several Interstate freeways reaching it: 85 and 75, which in turn connect to Interstate 20, 285, and 675. If you want to come or leave the airport by public transportation, search for MARTA - Atlanta's rapid transit system, above the ground train.