Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles, California LAX

Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles, California LAX

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Los Angeles is a city that fascinates million of people. Those who want to visit it for a few days will most likely land in Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles, California LAX. While many people know many things about the city itself, there are few people who know stuff about the airport they’re going to use.

LAX is a public airport owned by the City of Los Angeles and serves as the metropolis’ main airport. In addition, it is a main hub for 5 airlines, one of them being a cargo: American, Alaska, and United Airlines, Virgin America, and the cargo Atlas Air. The 9 passenger terminals are arranged in the form of the letter U, however to reach one terminal from another one, is rather inconvenient for the travellers. Those who need to do this need to pass through security again, and they might need to either walk or take the shuttle. The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, terminals make the transfer easier with the use of passageways either under or above the ground.

The Los Angeles International Airport connects to 87 destinations across the nation and 69 international ones. Some of the destinations have seasonal flights, such as the ones towards Cancun, Rome, and Aspen. The busiest domestic route for this airport is the one to San Francisco while most international passengers fly to and from London.

There are various ways to reach Los Angeles International Airport: by driving, taking the bus, or the metro rail are some of them. Each means of reaching the airport has several other options, but they come from different places in LA and around it.

If you have never been in the Los Angeles International Airport, you may not know it has a theme building. This building was erected in 1961, and its architect Paul Williams, envisioned it as a landed flying saucer.