Philadelphia International Airport Philadelphia

Philadelphia International Airport Philadelphia

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Philadelphia is served by many airports, and PHL is the largest in the State of Pennsylvania. The airport’s base was set in 1925, however only in 1940 it received a proper terminal which allowed it to start operations. This airport served as a training airfield since 1925 until 1927, and then again during the Second World War. The difference was that the second time around, the military air-trained here. The year 1945 marked the moment when flights to Europe started being offered by American Overseas Airlines.

Since 1940 when the first terminal was completed and until now many things changed at the Philadelphia International Airport. One of the most notable of them is that the airport currently counts up to 7 terminals. There are 124 gates in total, in use at this airport. Not until long ago, passengers didn’t have a secured way between the terminals and this meant to pass through the TSA checkpoint once again. However, since the end of 2015 doing so is optional because the terminals are securely connected.

Reaching the airport is rather easy, especially if one decides to ride the SEPTA train. The fare costs $6.5 or $8 if paying for it on board. SEPTA rides to the City Center of Philadelphia. Several bus routes are also available and they’re run still by SEPTA. Unlike in many other cities, students who need to fly home for holidays are eligible to ride a special bus shuttle, running seasonally just for them.

In 2014, not many people wanted to fly internationally, but those that did, had a ticket for London on either British Airways or US Airways. More than 371 thousand passengers boarded planes under those liveries for UK’s London. Domestically,  873,000 purchased tickets from Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and 3 other carriers to fly to Atlanta, Georgia.