Portland International Airport Portland, Oregon PDX

Portland International Airport Portland, Oregon PDX

  • By Jonathan A
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  • 15.08.2016

Portland International Airport is the largest in the state, and provides airline and marine services. This airport offers flights to numerous international destinations, but also domestic flights. Its urban look and friendly staff made it a favorite among tourists.

At first look, you will notice the airport provides solid parking options, as well as ground transportation. The parking lot is open no matter the hour, and is also well lit and modern. The fees are affordable and you can choose to pay daily or hourly. When it comes to transport, the airport puts at your disposal various solutions. You can choose to rent a car in order to make your stay more convenient, or opt for a shuttle bus instead. Taxis are also available with a call before. Once your flight arrives, you should know that a trip to downtown Portland will take about 30 minutes.

You will most likely not be disappointed if you want to do some shopping. Portland International Airport is packed with smaller or bigger shops for every travelers to enjoy. Head over to Nike if you need some sport apparel, or go to Kiehl's for clothes and cosmetics. Bookstores, a newsstand and a shoes shop are also ready to receive shoppers.

When you feel a bit hungry or want to have a fresh coffee, there are many places to check out. Bambuza serves Vietnamese food, while The Beach Shack has a large selection of sandwiches and salad for you to enjoy. Get a freshly brewed coffee at Cafe Yamm, or grab a juicy burger at Burgerville. The restaurants in the airport are varied so you will never get hungry.

If you need to take care of business, Portland International Airport features a cool business center. The center includes free Internet connection, and can host up to 65 guests in the case of a conference.