Southwest Airlines

What do you know about Southwest Airlines?

  • By Kerry D
  • Top Airlines
  • 20.08.2016

American citizens that fly on a regular basis are familiar with Southwest Airlines and they probably used their service a lot since it’s the largest low-cost carrier in the world.

This airline operates at least 3,800 flights daily and most people who fly domestically are more than likely to choose this company before any other. To get a better idea of how popular this carrier is, one should consider it takes passengers to almost 100 destinations across 40 US states, Puerto Rico, and also abroad. At the end of the year 2014, Southwest Airlines counted almost 46,000 employees.

Unlike other airlines, the history of this one is not very long, as the company was founded in 1967. Its current name dates back to 1971. As a slight curiosity, Southwest Airlines makes use of only Boeing 737 aircrafts in its fleet. In the 1970s and 1980s the company also used some Boeing 727 planes, but those were borrowed from another carrier. Additionally, the use of the Boeing 727 aircrafts lasted only for a few years during each of those two decades. Currently, each plane carries out about 6 flights per day.

Many people are afraid of flying, and their reasons vary. Some people are scared of the possible accidents that can happen, however in 2012 Southwest Airlines was named one of the safest company to fly with. Looking back at the history of accidents recorded by this air carrier, there are only 7 of them starting with the year 2000. Out of all of them, only 2 of them concluded with the death of a person. The first accident counted most injured people, 43, while the rest of them counted between none and 10 minor injuries.

Those interested in getting more from their flight, should take a look at the reward program of an airline. The Rapid Rewards program offered by Southwest Airlines is unlike any other and also seems one of the best out there.