Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines

  • By Kerry D
  • Top Airlines
  • 20.08.2016

If you’re not an American citizen, chances are you never heard of the low cost air carrier called Frontier Airlines. This company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and takes passengers to 50 domestic destinations and 5 international ones. This airline is also a really young one compared to the major ones across the US. Frontier Airlines was founded in 1994, a year that also marked the beginning of their operations.

Its fleet is really small as it currently counts only 61 aircrafts, all manufactured by Airbus. The fleet also counted planes made by Boeing and Embraer, but these two brands were discontinued in 2005 and 2013, respectively. The year 2016 will be the year in which Frontier Airlines will start using 2 new Airbus plane models - the A319neo and the A320neo.

The planes flying under the Frontier Airlines brand can be told apart from others thanks to the images of the various animals printed on the tails. All animals have a name, and even a story behind. Most airlines had an image update throughout their history, and Frontier is no stranger to this movement. Their newer planes will feature on their noses, the name of the animal seen on the tail.

The history of Frontier Airlines wasn’t the most successful of them, as in 2008 it was forced to file for bankruptcy. The following year, it became a subsidiary of  Republic Airways Holdings. This move allowed Frontier to become a new company. In 2010 Frontier and Midwest Airlines merged, but just in name. The year 2011 marked the formation of a Frontier subsidiary that operated the smaller air crafts, called Express. The main Frontier line continued to operate the full size airplanes.

Just like any other carrier, Frontier also has a rewards program for those who frequently use their service. Sadly, all rewards must be used on this airline as Frontier doesn’t have any partnership program for cross-crediting points of air miles. The reward program is called EarlyReturns.