Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines - details everyone should know

  • By Kerry D
  • Top Airlines
  • 20.08.2016

Booking a flight is easy-peasy these days, however choosing the right airline seems more difficult. Some people might want to book a flight on the Continental Airlines, however they can no longer do so because in 2012 it ceased to exist, as UAL Corporation bought this company.

Continental Airlines was founded in 1934 but its operations started only in 1937. Its fleet reached nearly 350 aircrafts without those operating under the names of its subsidiaries. This fleet took passengers to 140 destinations across North and South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific area. This airline got so popular that in 2008 it took fliers to 132 international destinations and 130 domestic ones.

Unlike other companies, this one had one of its biggest hubs in Denver, Colorado and it was operated for 4 decades. However the opening of the Denver International Airport forced Continental Airlines to close down its operations in this city. This allowed other smaller airline companies to flourish here in its stead.

When a company receives awards for its services, people place more trust in that business. Continental Airlines is no stranger to awards, and the ones that stand out the most are the ones received as the company that is most pet-friendly and Greenest. Both awards were received in 2009 and both nominated this company as number 1 in those sections. The other awards named it as one of the best airlines to fly if you seek comfort and value for the money. Additionally its business class was awarded several times for both domestic and international flights. This is not all, several of the awards were won for several years in a row, such as Best Airline Based in North America received since 2003 through 2009.

The fleet of this airline company was made of Boeing air crafts, however throughout the history of the company other planes were also used. The other airplane brands were Douglas, and Vivkers Viscount.