Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

  • By Kerry D
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  • 20.08.2016

Alaska Airlines was founded back in 1932, however its current name dates back to 1944. This airline is used by those who need to fly across the North America, as Alaska’s 100 destinations are found in USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. Most of those who want to fly to or out of Alaska are highly likely to choose this carrier over any other available. Additionally, Alaska Airlines recorded the highest customer satisfaction for no less than 8 years in a row.

The Mileage Plan is the rewards program available to those who travel a lot by Alaska Airlines and its sister company, Horizon Air. Alaska Airlines has several partners and they too have access to this program. The miles accumulated in this rewards system never expire and can be redeemed for a one way trip. For now, the membership is free of charge. There are some people who fly often and they can get access to special offers available only to them. This VIP status is recognized after flying 20,000 miles.  Residents of the State of Alaska have access to a yet different program called Club 49.

Alaska Airlines is deemed a rather safe carrier, as it only registered 10 accidents throughout its history. However, 8 of them were fatal while the other two resulted with unusable planes. The last accident happened at the beginning of the year 2000.

Starting the year 2008 Alaska Airlines’ fleet counts 147 Boeing airplanes. The company counted at the end of 2014 nearly 13,000 employees, with 1,550 being pilots and 3,400 working as flight attendants.

The last things you might be curious to learn about Alaska Airlines is that its baggage-handling is outsourced to Menzies Aviation since May 2005. Alaska Airlines also tries to help those in need, by offering various grants to charities in the States of Alaska and Washington.