American Airlines

  • By Kerry D
  • Top Airlines
  • 20.08.2016

American Airlines owns the largest fleet in the world and also has the highest revenues. By number of destinations it serves, it comes second after United Airlines. It competes with Southwest, Delta and United airlines. American Eagle is its subsidiary carrier operating regional flights. This airline has a complex history as it was formed after 80 carriers united under the American Airlines name brand in 1930. Ever since then, other carriers were incorporated by AA - as it’s commonly known as.

We mentioned AA has the largest fleet in the world - it is hard to imagine, but its fleet counts over 950 planes. Airbus and Boeing are the main aircrafts brands under the American Airlines logo. The Airbus aircrafts outnumber the Boeings. The company also ordered 350 new planes from both makers, in an effort or renewing its fleet.

If you fly on a regular basis you must be familiar with the AAdvantage loyalty program. It was introduced back in May 1981 and currently it is the largest in the world, as it counts 67 millions users. At the time it was introduced, it was just the second. Those who use the AAdvantage loyalty program have the possibility of redeeming free tickets, get free car rentals, upgrade their service, and get various discounts through affiliated partners. One partner is the American Airlines Vacations and it accepts payments using the miles accumulated through the AAdvantage loyalty program.

Airplanes are not quite Eco-friendly, but their makers and users can find solutions that limit the bad impact on the environment. AA had a 4 and a half period of violations, however it was quick in identifying and fixing the problems when prompted to do so. AA also uses a recycling system for the water it uses to wash the planes. All their Eco-friendly efforts started in 2000, and even brought them an award for reducing the hazardous waste.