Jet Blue Airways

Jet Blue Airways

  • By Kerry D
  • Top Airlines
  • 20.08.2016

JetBlue Airways is a low cost carrier in the US, and usually the name is spelled as jetBlue. Its history began in 1998, but the operations started only in the year 2000. Despite this brief history, the company managed to raise to top as one of the top 5 largest airlines in USA. This carrier stands out with its destinations as all of them are in the Americas. Currently there are only 97 destinations where jetBlue will fly you.

Being an airline with destinations only in the New World, jetBlue decided to open its horizons through various partnerships and codeshares with airlines from Europe and Asia. ITs fleet consist of more than 200 planes, with several of them to join it in 2016. Most of it is composed of Airbus air crafts, and 60 Embraer-190. To identify the planes easier they were given names based on the word “blue” while their tails have an unique design.

What do you think of when you hear the word TrueBlue? Most likely, the first thing that comes to mind it Madonna’s hit song from the 1980s. However, jetBlue named its frequent-flier program just that. This program currently allows travelers to accumulate points that will never expire. The amount of points one receives during a flight depends on more factors, such as the amount of money spent, where was the booking made, and what paying method was used. Speaking of fares and charges, starting the summer of 2015 passengers must pay for their bags upon checking in. The fee for the first bag is smaller than for the rest.

In terms of safety, jetBlue didn’t have any major accident so far during its brief history. In total, there were only 6 incidents taking place that somehow involved an aircraft, but their passengers were safe and sound.