British Airways

British Airways

  • By Kerry D
  • Top Airlines
  • 20.08.2016

Everyone in Europe must have heard of British Airways the flag carrier airline and the one with the largest number of planes in its fleet across the UK. Speaking of the size of its fleet, by the latest count, there are 293 planes flying under the British Airways livery. Most of the planes used by the British Airways are bought from Boeing. Airbus planes form the minority of the fleet. The destinations served by British Airways add up to 183, about half of the fleet size. Not many people know that this airline was founded in the spring of 1974 and that currently it has 3 subsidiaries as well.

Executive Club is the program created to reward those who mostly fly British Airways, and do so frequently. The members of this club have access to a special lounge as well to special check-in desks where virtually there is no waiting in line, or not for too long. The program has various tiers and members can access the lounges assigned to their tier. Passengers have access to inflight magazines as well, and there are 4 of them available. However, not everyone can get their hands on all 4 magazines. Only high life Magazine is available to all the passengers of British Airways.

IT is useful to know that there are several partnerships and code-sharing agreements between British Airways and various other airlines from around the world. These airlines include: Gulf Air from Bahrain, Qatar Airways, Spain’s low cost airline Vueling, and Japan Airlines. British Airways is one of the founders of Oneworld airline alliance.

The cabins and the services offered depend on the type of flight: domestic or international, on whether the flight is long or not, and on the type of ticket purchased: business or economy class. Additionally, some of the airplanes are used only for specific routes.