Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

  • By Kerry D
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  • 20.08.2016

As the name suggest, Hawaiian Airlines is an airline based in the State of Hawaii, and in fact it is the largest in this state. Its fleet takes passengers to 27 destinations in Asia and Mainland USA. Founded in 1929, it currently operates 54 airplanes. Throughout its history, Hawaiian Airlines never recorded an accident with fatalities, is one of the few carriers with no delays, lowest rates of cancellations, and lowest number of luggage related incidents due to poor handling.

The fleet of the Hawaiian Airlines is composed of two Boeing models, an ATR model, and some Airbus airplanes. Some new Airbus models are expected to join the current fleet by the year 2020. Of course, the past fleet of this carrier was composed of other brands of air crafts, and the brand used the most seems to be McDonnell Douglas. Hawaiian Airlines named all of its planes using as inspiration various constellations and birds native to Polynesia.

Some people need to fly more than others, and most carriers rewards their returning passengers. Hawaiian Airlines makes no exception, and the name of the program offered is called HawaiianMiles. Depending on how many air miles a person accumulates, they can redeem free car rentals, service upgrades, use the separate check-in, or any other service available. Frequent fliers can also benefit from using air miles accumulated with various Hawaiian Airlines partners, interchangeably,

Those who need to fly from Hawaii to Mainland US will be happy to learn that they will receive a complimentary meal in the main cabin - the coach class. There are many passengers who fear the food on planes, but the meal on this carrier is all natural and uses no preservatives. The packaging is also recyclable. Passengers of certain plane models can rent iPad Mini, portable video players, for the duration of the flight.