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First off, when trying to learn where to look for airline tickets, the Internet will be an ideal location to start off with. However, it will be essential to pay attention to the websites you use, as not all of them will provide accurate details all the time. Moreover, using a private browser, can help to improve your chances of finding great prices, over your normal browser, as some price locators will actually give higher prices the more the person uses them to search with. For that reason, we would suggest that the person put their browsers, into what is called private settings, or incognito settings when price hunting for the cheapest tickets out there. Now, in order to do this properly, it will depend on what browser the person uses on their own regular basis, as each browser's setting must be implemented in a different manner to be successful. Nevertheless, by taking the time to put this into place before beginning the search process, it can help the consumer to greatly find a lower price, especially if the person is doing multiple searches within one setting time frame.