Airport Security

Airport Security

  • By Daniel K
  • Travel Tips
  • 16.08.2016

As terrorism became an increasing worry for everyone who travels, airport security also became tighter recently. There are some clear rules you should be aware of whenever you travel, and these help with minimizing any potential dangers. Everyone travels by plane nowadays, and knowing the security regulations can make things easier when you arrive at the airport.

The very first thing you will need to do is prove your identity. It doesn't matter where you go, you should always have your ID and passport ready and nearby. If you are traveling locally, you may be able to get away with only showing your driver's license. Nowadays, most airports use biometrics as a means to identify whether someone is who they claim to be. This computer generated technique uses fingerprints and facial patterns as a means of identification.

After going through the ID process, you will be required to walk through a metal detector. Along with that, your personal belongings will also be scanned the same way. If the machine discovers any metal, you will be required to remove all those items and repeat the process. Your bags will also undergo scanning, but you can make the process smoother by paying attention to what you bring with you. For example, avoid packing large bottles of shower gel or cologne and stick to the travel sized versions. You should also consider removing your belt and shoes before getting to the scan as it will speed up the process. Airport security lines are generally long and everyone wants to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Make sure to have everything prepared ahead of time. This includes your papers and other documents you will need. The security agents will be grateful, and you will gain the respect of people waiting in line behind you. Another thing you may want to do before getting through security is checking your bags. Weigh them beforehand and ensure none of them is too heavy.

There are a few things that you will not be able to bring with you on a plane, and some of these are quite obvious. No security agents will allow guns or sharp objects on a plane, but some items may surprise you. You are allowed to bring screwdrivers if they adhere to a specific size, however not a smoke detector. If you want to be sure of the items you are allowed to bring on board, check the airport's website for info. Good news is that many of the products available at the duty free shops are allowed on a plane, even when not travel sized. However, you will have to pack these items using clear, see through bags that can be easily checked.

All these tips may help you move faster around the airport but also spend less time in line. Most airports are generally terribly crowded and people are often impatient. In addition to that, you will get to feel less stressed about all the rules and simply enjoy your upcoming vacation.