Airplane Etiquette

Airplane Etiquette

  • By Daniel K
  • Travel Tips
  • 16.08.2016

As an increased number of people travel by plane nowadays, you should consider a few things before boarding on a trip. A plane is usually packed with people from everywhere in the world, so you should try to make the flight as pleasant as possible for your travel companions. Here are some tips on airplane etiquette!

When you first arrive at the airport, the first thing you will need to pass is security. You probably want to get it over with the screening process as fast as you can, so remove everything out of your pockets. Everything should placed in a bag next to you. Pay attention not to block the other travelers when you collect your things, and do so as quickly as possible.

When you get on the plane, try to keep one of the smaller bags at you feet. Don't occupy more space then you need, as other people need space for their luggage as well. Another thing you should pay attention is the noise. If you travel with your kids, make sure they have something to keep them busy. The other travelers would not appreciate some kids running around if they are trying to get some rest. Even if you are feeling tired during a long flight, it is important not to bother other people.

If want to drink alcohol on the plane, stick to a glass or 2, but don't go overboard. Getting drunk on the plane is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved, and you may even have to be restricted by security if things get out of hand. Furthermore, drinking too much means frequent trips to the bathroom, which will disturb the other passengers. Limit your alcohol intake and choose water or tea instead for the duration of your flight.

Some airplane offer the option of reclining your seat, but this will surely bother the people behind you. If you are not extremely uncomfortable, avoid pushing your chair back, at least for too long. If you truly need that extra space, ask the other passengers if they are ok with it. This will make you appear like a pleasant travel companion, and help you make a good impression.

Another thing to consider is your hygiene. Make sure to take a shower before your flight, and use deodorant. No one wants to sit next to someone with bad hygiene, so don't subject your travel companions to it. On the other hand, using too much cologne can also be unpleasant. Stick to a few drops of perfume and wear clean but comfortable clothes.

Even if you are a chatty person, many people are not in the mood to talk while on a plane. Be respectful and polite, but don't push people into a conversation if they don't show any signs of being interested. Sometimes people are tried and just want to rest during a long flight, which may not be possible if someone constantly tried to chat them up.

These are just a few of the unwritten rules of etiquette, so use your common sense whenever you take a flight.